See the list below to find out more about the areas of our business that are offering places on our IT/IM programme for Autumn 2019. But no matter which team you join, we ask all our graduates to be flexible and willing to move during their programme.

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When you work on the scale we do, everything gets complex. Especially IT. More than 35,000 employees in offices around the world use our platform, so Information Services is one of the most important business areas within Babcock. We provide the IT support all our teams need – wherever they are and in whatever part of our business they work. All with the industry-leading level of security that comes from working with clients like the MOD.

Cyber Security is critical to Babcock’s interests. If your degree has a focus on Cyber Security, Digital Forensics or has a strong emphasis in coding, then we’d expect that your primary interest is to start a career in IT security. If so, we’ll adjust your placements to ensure that whilst you’ll still spend time with the wider IT teams, a far greater proportion of your time will be spent with our Cyber Defences and Information Assurance teams located in Portsmouth. There you’ll be able to put into practice what you’ve learnt in your degree and put it into action, defending our IT infrastructure.


That’s why we take training seriously. We train our graduates up on everything from Information Technology Infrastructure Libraries (ITILs) to the proper way to handle purchasing and supply chains, so that we can continue to supply a world-class service to the business. And right now we’re implementing a global ERP platform and integrating several new international offices, so we have lots of exciting work for enthusiastic, tech-savvy graduates to get stuck into.




Our Information Services graduates are based in Lakeside near Portsmouth. However, as you may need to travel to any one of over 279 UK Babcock sites, you need to be ready and willing to move throughout your programme.



We’ve got sizeable projects brewing at the moment, so it’s a good time to join us. You’ll get a taste of all our core activities, including service delivery, project management, IT procurement, security, strategic development, ERP systems, and software and asset management. Along the way, you’ll partner up with a lot of different teams within Babcock and learn from them as you go.



IT on the scale we do it is no easy task. So a senior manager will take you under their wing and help you navigate the challenges and develop your professional skills. Along the way, you’ll enjoy a competitive starting salary of £28k - £30k and on-the-job training that’s hard to beat.


We’re looking for a 2:2 (Hons) degree in Information Technology, Business with IT or a security-related IT degree. You’ll also need to satisfy the MOD’s security requirements (and may need to complete a medical assessment).

Competitive Starting Salary £28K- £30K
£28K- £30K

* Depending on location, role and qualifications.