Learn more about what we do here at Babcock. Hear it, first-hand, from the people who are doing it now: our graduates. Below, they talk about the projects they have worked on and what they have learned in the process. This will give you an invaluable insight into what it’s like to work here. Experience epic engineering from the inside.


"Working at Babcock is exciting and it’s different from any other FTSE 100 company. How many other finance grads are able to say that they are required to go out and see an air tanker?"

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The mentoring experience at Babcock was much better than I expected it to be. You are given someone a lot more senior than yourself and they are able to provide you with a depth of knowledge in terms of the different areas of the business, potential job opportunities that are arising and the best place to live, when you move on to your next placement.

The social life is pretty good – we work very hard and so equally we are able to have down time and get to know each other on an informal basis, not just professional. The site visits are my favourite part. When you’re in the office you’ll see the numbers but when you’re out on the field you can see what those numbers relate to, how much a tank costs, how it is put together, how much it would cost to repair. Something that appealed to me when I was applying was the fact that they sponsor you to become a chartered accountant, so not only do they give you the support in order to do the exams but also, the experience you gain along the way is relevant to getting that status. In terms of where I see myself in the future, the company is expanding year after year, so the amount of opportunities that are available to graduates, managers and anyone else in the business is growing. I see myself growing with the business. For someone applying to Babcock now I would suggest they be themselves. Talent can get you into the room but at the end of the day it is your character that’s going to keep you there.