Learn more about what we do here at Babcock. Hear it, first-hand, from the people who are doing it now: our graduates. Below, they talk about the projects they have worked on and what they have learned in the process. This will give you an invaluable insight into what it’s like to work here. Experience epic engineering from the inside.

Jennifer, Mechanical engineer

"Within the engineering department at Babcock I work with a group of people that really like problem solving and they like a challenge."

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I am really fortunate to work with people who come from all different backgrounds – some people from tools, others (like me) from university. This mix of people allows you to share different ideas and thoughts that maybe you wouldn’t have come across before. One of the things that surprised me about the graduate community is how far back it goes. The senior engineer in my team was a graduate for years before me. There is such a wide range of skills you pick up at University and one of the biggest challenges was learning to apply those skills in the workplace and the graduate programme gave me a learning period to allow me to apply them to where I work.

Babcock has a big safety culture, they are really keen to ensure everyone gets home safely everyday – that’s their motto, it is genuine, you can see it from the managers. Best thing about working at Babcock is seeing something you’ve designed being made into a real project. My proudest achievement so far is a skill engagement project where we encouraged pupils all across the UK to build their own part of an aircraft carrier and to put it together. I designed this from scratch and 23 schools across the country took part, which was over 2000 pupils. In 5 years’ time I would like to see myself as a senior engineer working towards becoming a principle engineer. I am on-track to completing my graduate training and becoming a chartered engineer at the end of 2016.

If I was to give advice to someone applying to Babcock, I would say not to be scared of the assessment process. I have now come full circle and I am an assessor. Just go for it. It was the best thing I did.