Ministry of Defence property

Making sure that Ministry of Defence (MOD) sites are used efficiently might not seem like a big deal. But in fact it’s a highly complex business that’s has real strategic importance. We’ve managed to deliver significant savings – all money that is freed up to be spent on personnel, training and equipment for the Armed Forces.

Surveying offices is fairly simple – a standard approach can be used based on m² per person occupancy rates. But for other MOD facilities, which could be anything from training grounds and rifle ranges to offices and stores, our team of consultants, including graduate Chris Hale [link to profile] has needed to find a more sophisticated approach.

While finding and removing a disused building is relatively straightforward, how do you analyse an entire estate to find buildings that are operating beneath full capacity? To help us, we’ve developed bespoke tools to help make sure that budgets are focused on the most critical assets. These allow us to classify assets into three main categories: each asset’s importance is graded according to its role in business operations, with critical assets receiving more funding and attention, than lower categories.

What we are developing here is an entire estate strategy – one which is able to respond to the significant changes the MOD will go through in the next few years and model predicted future needs and requirements.

The kind of work I deal with now tends to be very complex and strategic.

Chris Hale, Consultant