Places on our Aerospace Engineering graduate programme for Autumn 2020 are available in our Aviation sector. All graduates in Aviation relocate every six to twelve months, depending on the discipline, so you’ll need to be ready and willing to move throughout your programme.

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Babcock delivers critical and vital aviation services in 14 countries across the world. Every day, lives, livelihoods, safety and security depend on the operations we fly and enable. With a long and proud history in aerial emergency services and military aviation, we save lives, protect communities and support national defence.


In the civil sector, our highly trained pilots and medical staff provide aerial emergency medical services, aerial search and rescue operations and aerial firefighting missions, supported by our in-house engineering teams and operational control centres. 


In the defence sector, our skilled engineers, ground support staff and training instructors deliver world-class military flying training, air station support and integrated engineering services to armies, navies and air forces in Europe.


Our proven expertise and unwavering focus on safe and efficient delivery mean we are a trusted name in a complex world. 




All graduates in Aviation relocate every six months, so you need to be ready and willing to move throughout your programme.



Over two years, you’ll undertake a range of placements within the Aviation sector. Your first placement will involve engineering and operations management either in military or civil aviation services. Following this, your next placements will cover a variety of areas across the business, including design engineering, strategic engineering and technology development and implementation, and technical support to future opportunities. These placements are designed to blend technical and managerial positions into one, giving you the best exposure to how the business operates whilst continuing to develop your technical skills in a delivery environment. The possibilities are incredibly varied and how you wish to develop your career will be considered.

Whatever you find yourself doing, you’ll be supported all the way. You will receive an engineering mentor who will support you on your journey to becoming an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer, as well as a business mentor who will ensure you get the right guidance and advice from the beginning of your career. We also place great emphasis on learning and development. You’ll develop knowledge in lean and continuous improvement, while also building your leadership skills.


The programme lets you see aviation from an engineering, customer, compliance, commercial, contractual and financial perspective. You’ll bring your knowledge and credibility as an Aeronautical Engineer into developing an aviation business. We’ll help you become an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer with a recognised professional engineering institution – and pay you a competitive starting salary of £29k - £31k while you’re doing it. And after the programme, you will be firmly in line for management roles throughout Babcock which is, at its heart, an engineering services company.


An honours degree in Aeronautical Engineering/Aerospace Engineering is vital. You should know the fundamentals of both health and safety and quality management. You’ll also need to satisfy the MOD’s security requirements (and may need to complete a medical assessment).

In addition to the above requirements, the graduate programmes in our Aviation sector span across a number of UK and international contracts, therefore, multilingual skills and international experience are hugely valuable to us. Alongside our UK-based graduates, we are actively looking for candidates that are flexible and willing to undertake international placements and use their existing language skills to add value to our sector. Being able to work with and amongst different cultures and backgrounds is vitally important within our organisation, so please ensure that any language or international experience is highlighted within your CV and application form.

Competitive Starting Salary £29k- £31k
£29k- £31k

* Depending on location, role and qualifications.