We’ve helped to design and deliver the aircraft carriers, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Prince of Wales, as part of the Aircraft Carrier Alliance – a unique partnership between Babcock, BAE Systems, Thales UK and the MOD.

The scale of the project was immense: to design, build and deliver the nation’s flagships – the largest, most powerful warships ever built for the Royal Navy. Each flight deck is the size of 60 Wimbledon tennis courts, and each ship has two 33-tonne propellers.

Creating ships on this scale is an extraordinary feat of engineering. The partnership used more than 3,100km of electric cable, 2 million metres of fibre optic cable, more than 364km of piping, 41km of ventilation trunking and 65,000 tonnes of steel for each ship – creating history in the process. HMS Queen Elizabeth left Babcock’s Rosyth facilities for sea trials in June 2017, with HMS Prince of Wales set to follow later this year. HMS Queen Elizabeth returned to the Rosyth site in April 2019 to undergo her first docking and maintenance period. The planned six-week work package was successfully delivered, with HMS Queen Elizabeth departing Rosyth again in May 2019.