We're there when you need us. When an accident occurs and lives are at risk, the speed of response and ability to swiftly rescue and transport a patient to hospital are vital. With over 35 years’ of experience in aerial emergency medical services (EMS), the most up-to-date fleet and equipment and the best qualified personnel, Babcock is trusted by its customers to deliver these vital services. One of our newest contracts is the Norwegian Fixed Wing Air Ambulance contract; this contract sees us providing 24/7/365 fixed wing air ambulance services to around 9,000 patients across Norway each year. Due to Norway’s harsh arctic environment and vast landscape, fixed wing aircraft are essential to transport critically ill patients across far distances that would be too long or too difficult by road. Our operations also serve to provide thousands of patients with access to specialist healthcare centres across the country. This contract is a key element of Norway’s overall healthcare infrastructure and one we are very proud to deliver.